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i am lookling for the solidworks drawings of a herkulex drs 0101 servo? Answered

Hi I am looking for the 3d drawings (prefferably sldrpt or prt for solidworks) in any 3d vorm available. I orderd a few to play about with but would like to save some time by not needing to draw these from scratch.


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equilibriumtr (author)2015-02-17

I made a detailed and accurate model from scratch. You can find it in https://github.com/ayberkozgur/spiderbot.

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AgustinusP (author)equilibriumtr2015-09-06

@equilibriumtr hi, do you still have the cad file?

may I request for your herculesx 3d cad as well?

My 3D application is solidwork 2013

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