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I want to make a levitating coffee table (or some kind of large object) using electromagnets. I need help with a design. Answered

 i want to make so that i can adjust the hight by changing how much electricity is being outputted. could someone help? this is for a science fair project sooooo yeah.


like Yokozuna said.  It is better to have a horizontal shaft engine (which walk behind mowers are not)  It will be easy to hook a throttle cable up to the engine because thats how they are usually controlled.  You should be able to  go to your local small equipment repair shop and they may have an assortment or generic cables you could use or if they are stocked with it.. they may have outer sheathing and inner cable on a roll (I know we have it at our shop) then you can make whatever cable you need.   Down on the gas pedal I would have an extra vertical plate with a small hole drilled in it where you can hook the throttle cable through  (then anchor the sheathing on a non-moving part) and you should be ready to terrorize the neighbourhood!.   Hope that all makes sense

The easiest way to set up the foot pedal is to use something similar to a bicycle brake line connecting one end to the foot pedal and the other to the throttle on the engine.  If you haven't already found the engine you're going to use, you want to find one with a side-shaft pulley if possible.  It will make it much easier to connect the power source to whatever you're going to use to turn the wheels.