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i am trying to make a pice of jewlery fior my gf its from the ted dekker sereir the circles please help? Answered

ok so heres the deal.  My girlfriend really likes this series and wants a pendant, theres picture here somewhere or should be rather.  but getting back to the point i need help i have some ideas but im not sure how to make it it cant be out of glass because i dont want it to break on her

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craftyv (author)2010-12-14

Good point Lemonie. Your own skills will affect what you can attempt.
(take a look at the Cold Resin instructables) they might fit the bill and are not difficult because all the tips are covered in them. Good Luck.

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lemonie (author)2010-12-10

You want a Celtic-style cross?
What materials can you work with?


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