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i am trying to save up for a horse, but am not old enough to get a REAL job but am trying to make a lot of money, ideas? Answered

i am a teenage girl, i am trying to earn more money to get my horse:)  i hove horses and have been saving ever since i was 9... but i still would like to have a few hundred $ in savings before i get my horse, any ideas howto earn money? i love working outside or inside it doesent matter. i am a hard worker and dont care if my hands get a little dirty.. Please help! 


Long term care feed housing and medical attention will cost you a lot as well so you need to have a strategy in place to deal with this as well.

However your on the way and the question of how to earn money comes up here quite a lot so try a search on previous answers.

You need to assess what you can do, What the neighbourhood needs and how to let them know your available. You also in this day and age, sad to say, need to ensure you going to be safe.

In the UK teenagers like you would try to get work in a sable so they can work with horses, learn and get some free riding in exchange for their labour. Your also in the right place to hear about a possible bargain in the horse market. yard work is always available in the summer and needs little equipment and knowledge, baby sitting is a good standby if you old enough. making things you can sell, jeweller doesn't have to be expensive to make or buy, if you sell a lot it can turn a reasonable profit- i used to make earrings by the 100.s for a few cents a pair, sell for a 4 or so but sell the lot and so make a large profit overall. There are numerious web site to tell you how to make them.

i have already planned out my strategy of how to pay for the necessities for caring and tending my horse. i have a lot of resource that would alou(sorry don't know how to spell that..) me to get a huge discount on things, although, i shouldn't reli (don't know how to spell that either) on just getting the discount on the accessories for the horse, i need a lot of money to have just in case something goes wrong... my horse would would be almost free because i know a lot of people that i trust, that would give me a horse for free. thank you so much for the ideas to get some money:)

You'll need more than a few hundred. The horse will cost well more than that. Then you have to consider where you will keep it. If you don't live on a large spread of land that will allow horses you'll have to pay to keep it somewhere else. Even if you do have the property to keep the horse the cost of food and vet visits will run you hundreds of dollars a month.

Here is what you need to do. Find a local ranch that boards and raises horses. See if they will hire you to help take care of the horses and clean out their stalls. Now you have a starting point to ear money. When you eventually make enough to buy the horse you'll have a place you can keep it at a reasonable price and you'll have the income to keep the horse fed and healthy.

thats perfect! because there is a ranch just down the street that would allow me to clean outs stalls for free riding lessons! but that doesn't cover the money issue. they wont pay me to do the work, i already have 3 good paying jobs that helps me ring in around $150 a month, and i already have $850. but i want to have around 4 thousand before i get my horse, but i don't want it to take a lifetime before that happens.


4 years ago

Where to start?

When I graduated from college and moved back with my parents for a few years my dad commented "Lots of guys go off to college and end up coming back home with a wife or a girlfriend, you come back home with not one but two horses, I don't get it".

But then I also had switched universities and majors as well. I started out as a physics major but then got hired by the university as a photographer for their year book and newspaper. I switched Universities and then carried a double major of Cinema and Photography. (The university had 25,000 undergraduates and only 3 of us were considered qualified enough to carry that double major) and eventually added animal industries as a minor. I got involved with horses by helping with a student initiative to keep the university riding stables open. I worked for the newspaper and by that time was also a student senator. I then formed a student senate committee to investigate what was going on. Because of all that I was involved in the stables manager consider me to be one of the staff and I had access and any of the horses any time I wanted. I rode a lot, learned a lot, even helped give lessons for new students. I joined the student Saddle club. And took college courses in the care and management of horses. And finally after all that I bought my first horse. I knew what I was getting into.

As an extra irony -- ever semester all the student organizations (clubs) put on a fair in the student center ballroom to recruit new members. They would set up booths to show what they did. I told the saddle club what we should do is take a horse in for our booth. Nobody thought that was possible but I had a lot of connections. So my horse was the first horse ever to appear in the student center ballroom. We had people come over just to touch him because they couldn't believe it was for real. The next semester we did a one up and brought in a horse shoer as well. The front page headline in the student newspaper read "Huck Fin gets shoes at the fair" since that was his name.

So, get to know everything about it before you buy anything. It is not like owning a dog. It takes a lot of work on a daily basis and a lot of responsibility. You can't not do the chores because you don't feel like it or because its too cold or to hot or whatever. And since horses live a very long time it can be a very long time commitment. Both of my horses are now gone, they died of old age after living long lives and helping to teach my kids what responsibility means since my kids grew up with them.

Make sure you know what you are getting into. I have seen a lot of neglected and mistreated horses. I have seen many of them die. I have been covered in horse blood up to the arm pits helping horses cut to pieces by fence wires that were not maintained correctly. Its a commitment and a responsibility. And you don't want to be the one holding the halter as they put your horse down (a shot to the head is the fastest way) because you messed up and let them get into a corn field and they foundered beyond help because of it.

It takes a lot more than money, it takes dedication and determination and comitement.

thank you so much for sharing your experience! i have already worked out a plan wit h the com responsibility commitments. i was also thinking about rescuing a horse that had been hurt or abused and fix it up a bit... my friend who is 20 is a total cowgirl and has horses and got one of her horses from rescuing it. she knows how to train those types of horses and has been teaching me for about 2 years now. i am still learning, but she would train me to know how to train my horse too. also i have a lot of people that i know that would give me a horse for free if we are a good match together too:)