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i can not publish in instructables Answered

i canot publish  my new project

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wilgubeast (author)2013-11-21

To help you out, I'll need some more information. What is the URL of the project you're working on? Were you able to add photos and text?

The more context you can provide, the more help we can give.

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atorrez (author)wilgubeast2013-11-21


this is my project i canot publishh help me please

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wilgubeast (author)atorrez2013-11-21

Your project is now published. If you are creating a project that has fewer than three steps, use the "create photo instructable" option when you start your Instructable. It'll be more of an annotated slide show than a step by step project.

In this case, you couldn't publish because you were trying to publish a step by step project with only one step.

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