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i cant get a circuit to work right. HELP!!!? Answered

so im making a circuit with a motor in it, powered by a 9v battery ( if this helps it was originally used for 2 double a's when i got it out of a small hand held fan) it goes decently fast, but im using it so i can make a rotary sander. so i thought why not put another 9v battery on it? that would make it faster right? so i make the circuit bigger and put the other 9v battery on. but for some reason it no goes slower :(. please help me!



7 years ago

what u are doing is feeding a petrol car with kerosene

alright thanks. ill get a different motor before i try doing it again. :)

Previous answers both correct!

P.s. It goes slower to to damage as previously mentioned as possible. The windings are limited, along with the rest of the assembly. This is where the recommended voltage and current come from. These ratings are the "Optimal" ranges for "Optimal" life of the complete unit.

Your fan probably isn't powerful enough to make a decent rotary sander. Motors are made for a certain voltage or range of volatges. Your motor is probably a 3 volt high speed motor with out a gear box. This means that is has low torque and high speed. If you increase the voltage (adding the 9 volt) then you will either damage the motor or waste alot of power. If you want to make your own sander, you will want a bigger motor from how you described your current one.