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i cant get a video signal on my hacked camcorder CRT? Answered

im trying to make a night vision scope and i cannot get the video on my screen i can get it lit but thats about it 


How did you break it?


i didnt break it i took it off an old camcorder to use to make a mini nightvision scobe for a buddy of mine but i cant seem to get the video imput right

You're using the same video connections the viewfinder I guess, but what signal are you feeding it?


yeah i found the video cable by touching it on the negative/ground wire but i cant get the video i was trying to streem a dvd player to it

I thought these things were analogue-in, I guess you're using composite-video-out? But other than that I'm running out of ideas..


yes i heard that they take composite video in so i have tried a dvd player composite cable stripped and pressed on.. no such luck so far

Not enough details. What is your video source?

i have a dvd player player with the video out cable cut at the end so it exposes two cables an inner core and an exterior

I don't know what the input to the view finder was but I doubt that it was the same as the output of the dvd player. Have you done any research on what the view finder is expecting?

somebody suggested data sheets to me but i do not understand where to look on the board to tell me what to search for.. i honestly have just seen a few videos of people using them to play game cube and mini cctv camera.. im trying to make a monocular for my friend in the reserves, can you offer any help.. im abit of a novice to this