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i don't know who to ask sooooo i lay it out for anyone here!? Answered

1st of all, i live in Greece can i take part in one of your contests??

2nd i searched in the site if there was already an instructable of what i want to make,with the keywords i could think of and found nothing like it, but how can I be sure that there isn't one??



1.) No, they are reviewing ALL the world's contest rules and when they've checked, new countries get on the list - they've only JUST added the UK for example.

2.) You can't. Frustrating, and unavoidable. What were you looking for ?

Thank you so much for your immediate response!!! And for being helpful oh wise yoda! :P
Actually , this will probably be my very own 1st instructable a pocket ashtray as I hate to throw my c.butts.(and that's when I saw the pocket contest). If u've seen smth like it tell me 'bout it, as my search bore no fruits!
May the force be with you !

Surprised no one's though of that. It's a fantastic idea, because my buddy does the thing where he leaves an open MickyD's cup in the car with whatever was in it when he finished it. Then, lets butts pile up for about a month... It gets really gross.


I know what you mean! And as I'm always on the road going to my Uni and stuff I find my in a very difficult position where i have to choose either to throw it away-which is smth i hate!-or eat it :P and that's clearly not an option!!!!

So what I usually do is take my empty filter box or if it's full i emty it, put out my cigarette against smth and then throw it inside!But then my bag smells like sh!t until i throw it in a dumbster.
I also happen to own an advertising pocket ashtray from marlboro but it's heavy(it's made out of iron or whatever!),and still my bag smells like sh!t.
So I'll try and go for smth kind of water/fireproof but well shield and/or smell extinguishing!!! :P
P.S Sorry bout my english!

As a side note, you can add on a charcoal filter. By that, I mean more or less just put activated carbon in the tin with it. It should really help with the smell. You can get tubs of it from pet stores. I know it's used to clean the water in fish tanks.

Thank you very very much for your idea I see what i can make from it.If I fail you then, hey, you can give it a shot! :D
Or improve what I make (or whatever that ends up to be!).
But i really do appreciate it.

Well I can't see anythin suitable either ;-)

For it go young Padawan. you must.

ok then! thanks again!!! :) Feeilng most welcomed by this site already!

I wiil use the Force for this one :P

Wel always welcome new members, especially those with good ideas to share! We look forward to your contribution!

Thanks mate! I hope I'll make it through but anyhow i guess it'll be of use either as a how To make either as a how Not to make :P

1. Not yet, but soon.

2. It doesn't matter if somebody has already posted something similar, feel free to post your own version, as long as you don't simply copy the other project.

Thank you my Kind Kiteman! :D
P.S(you'd better make it soon :P)