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i have 16 mic's from recycling computers(i-mac all-in-ones)what can i do with them? Answered

im wondering how to hook them all up together & use it to record & tell witch direction the sound came from.or just something goofy looking.


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framistanBest Answer (author)2010-09-08

You should build a "Glen-Beck-ish" microphone. They are AWESOME and somewhat goofy.. Here is the instructable i am the author of.


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jeff-o (author)2010-09-08

You could build a "listening hub" with them. The Hub would be designed to pick up voices in a crowd, like at a party or meeting. Each of the mics would have its own parabolic reflector, aimed at a random location in the room. Users could go up to the hub, pick a channel, and listen in on what people are chatting about.

Go one step further and include a VU meter for each channel, so users know which channels have an active conversation.

With all those parabolic dishes, it would certainly look goofy!

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