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i have a battery just say 1 volt 1000 mAh and charge it with another battery 2 volt 1000 mAh how long will it take? Answered

how many mA go from the battery to the other? how do i calculate this??

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rickharrisBest Answer (author)2012-03-19

Depends on the battery type. You should limit the charging current or the battery will over heat

Nominally from flat around 14 hours at the recommended rate of charge. Some using an intelligent charger that monitors battery temperature or the charging rate can charge faster.


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ismael01 (author)rickharris2012-03-19

lithium ion. i know the troubles with it but im doing some research.
how would i limit the current? resistor? and what should i have it set to? i see alot of cellphone chargers say 700 mA.

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rickharris (author)ismael012012-03-19

You need to look at the data sheet for the battery it will have recommended charging rates on it.

The Radio control world is a good place to go for fast battery charging information.

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