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i have a problem with,cutting the rubber sheet?coz it is not so hard so need soln for tht? Answered



What rubber sheet - How thick

In general rubber cuts best when wet.

the rubber sheet may be made of ebonite, butyl, natural,many are there...the thickness is 5 mm max...
tomo i ll put the video of the cutting processes n pic's of tht..v ll get a clear idea of tht...

Freeze the rubber ? Use a hot knife ?

bro tht's the question how to heat the knife....??

You can get butane powered hot-knives, often as soldering irons.


5 years ago

For thin sheet rubber, scissors or tin snips work best, otherwise, a very sharp utility knife or razor blade will do. Let the blade sort of slide across the rubber, if it starts to drag or stretch the rubber, lighten up the pressure on the blade slightly. It may take two or three cuts to completely sever the piece.
Its best to keep the rubber lubricated with water or a light oil if the oil doesn't harm the rubber when cutting.

actually they are using the raw rubber sheet which is up to 5 mm thick....currently they are using the heated knife which is heated by normal kerosen stove..by using tht they are getting smooth cut.
what i thouht is of heating tht blade like a solder gun with the help of nichrome wire, which must run atleast 15 hrs without varying temp...temp required must be around 80-100 deg's..
does it works.........???


5 years ago

If it's thin enough for scissors, use a rotary cutter (looks like a pizza cutter - but has a razor sharp blade). Because you are pressing straight down, it won't stretch the rubber as you cut. Available at fabric stores. You will need a cutting mat designed for this. It lasts forever and will keep the blades from becoming dull or nicked so it's worth the extra cost. BE CAREFUL!