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i have an idea but im 14 and have no clue how Answered

i have an altoids tin uk version and i want to make a cool device i had an idea a toglee swich and leds right i want to make it so that i can that when its turned off that one led (red go on and when turned on the other one (green) light up i need this to put into very easy instruction because im 14 and got no experience with building it when i know how i will ask my dad to help so how would i make this here an image of the tin http://www.poundland.co.uk/images/4255/original/altoids.jpg?
Edit my mam chucked one out while cleaning i got it but it some how as a large hole in it can i still use it or is is scrap the hole is on the lid not on the bottem.



Are you (or your dad) able to buy items online? If not, are you near a Maplins store? (Maplins store finder)

You need
  • a pair of AA batteries
  • battery holder to suit
  • DPDT toggle switch ("type F" at Maplin)
  • LEDs of choice
  • Wire to suit
  • 1k resistor
Connect the resistor in series with the battery holder, and then to the centre connection of the switch.  Connect an LED to each end of the switch, and complete the circuit back to the battery holder.

This should all fit in your tin, the LEDs can poke through holes you punch.  The switch will as well, and it has a pair of thin nuts to clamp it in the hole.

i cant find any 1k resistor on the maplins website can you find me the best one and cheapest one my buget for all of this kit is £10

ok i found one and got it now i need a full tut on how to make it

If you're 14, in state education in the UK, and being helped by your dad, you should have the skills you need from your Science and Technology lessons to solder the whole thing together.

i dont i just join the school and i do a rotation of subject art to cooking then i have technology for the last term of school before going to year 10
i have oreded from maplin this is from the email confirming the order


right i foud a another one empty ATLOIDS any ideas what to make with that one btw i dont have the money to buy them but ive got pound saved up but my dad is at work till friday so any ideas for a free fun one.

If you ever find someone disposing of an old stereo or TV - take it, they're full of useful bits (inc. LEDs)


For your second tin, try typing "altoids" into the search box, top-right of the page.

Is that all ? Turns on a Green LED or a Red LED ?


yeah but it a small tin so the switch will take up a lot of space but if you want to improve my idea then tell me
btw i have little money my dad just spent it on fixing my mams old computer so if anythink expensive it will have to wait btw i cant find red and green leds what the name of them when only the led because i seached it it came up with soler lights.


thanks i have a store nearby so at the weekend ill give them a vist thx man