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i have an old PC running ME i was planing on using it on pc Running Xp how do i wipe the hard Disk drive clean? Answered


More to the point, are you sure a PC designed for ME will even boot XP?

first you must set your bios to boot from cd,insert xp cd restart.when your pc boots and gives you the option to install xp select it then you will encounter the format screen follow the directions to format use the full format new everything!!the time spent now will make a smooth running system later!follow prompts to install xp.when finished make sure to reset bios to boot from hd.

The hard drive can be wiped clean from the XP installer. Be sure to delete all partitions you see on the drive, as there may be additional hidden FAT32 partitions to hold data for the restore disc. You won't be needing them anymore. When installing, create a new partition that covers the whole disk and format it with NTFS. If given the option, so a quick format, as a full format takes considerably longer and has no real benefits. The working of your question is not clear. I really do hope you mean to install XP on the machine, not Windows ME? ME should be avoided at all costs.


9 years ago

When Installing XP it will give you an option to format the drive you have chosen. At that time you can wipe everything out and make a fresh new partition.

I think my friend said you can run Ubuntu from a flash drive and completely wipe out the harddrive.