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i have an old joystick and game-pad for the PC that i need to be able to run on my newer computer Answered

I have an old joystick and game-pad for the PC that i need to be able to run on my newer computer, i got them both from abandoned storage bins, and they use 15 pin connectors, but unfortunately my PC does not have those connections, i have recently started to try my hand at video-game programming and i either need a new joystick, an XBOX 360 controller, or a way to hook the controllers i have up to USB for as cheap or free as possible. i would like any help people can give me.

P.S. And yes, i know about the adapters @ 


P.P.S. i am leaning towards the Logitech Extreme 3D Pro Joystick (second Pic), but i'm not sure if it's the best, any suggestions?


Easyist thing for you would be to find a pci or other card having a game port. Reprogramming a game in any way is never easy. I would think a pci to game port cart would still be available. Look to frys.com etc and see what you find.

Don't think that this is an admonishment for wanting to learn to program but I assumed the real point here was to play the existing game.

Windows Vista and especially 7 dropped support for that. Installing a PCI sounds easy, but i did it with no success. I downloaded over 10 3rd party drivers, and none of them worked for my old SideWinder joypad.

That's why I'm still running XP on all but one of my computers. XP still does what I need it to do so I never upgraded.

i am not planning to reprogram an existing game, but to program one from scratch, mapping the controls on the J-Stick, and GamePad, to the game


6 years ago

On of my favorites is the Logitech extreme 3d pro. But its USB. They have phased out the game port which is what you have. Also serial and parallel ports although you can still get adapter cards for those. Even if you got a plug in card with a game port (they were always included on sound cards) it still might not work as Microsoft quit making the drivers for them. I found it ironic that they would not make the drivers for their own force feedback joysticks because they wanted to switch everything to USB.
There used to be a company that specialized in refurbished Logitech stuff. That is where I bought a lot of my stuff from. Unfortunately they either were bought out or just went out of business. The one problem I had with the Logitech joysticks was the hat button kept wearing out or breaking. I played Descent 3 a lot and you use the hat button constantly to slide your ship around. I must have gone through a dozen joysticks. The one I liked best was their wireless one. Anyway, other than a USB to game port adapter (which might still not work) I don't know that there is anything that you can do.

2 choices both of which may fail if you can't get a suitable driver for the joystick.

1. get a card that has a 15 pin game socket on it - usually a sound card.

2. Buy a USB to parallel lead these usually have a 9 pin socket at the serial end and you may get away with a 15 to 9 pin converter.

A further option if it is the joystick mechanism/design you like is to buy a cheap USB joystick and gut the electronics for the older stick. the connections should be obvious.

the joystick has a driver chip in it, so its all good about that

Yes BUT the driver chip a) expects to drive a 15 pin parallel interface
B) needs some kind of software in the Pc to talk to