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i have notice a weird comment bug going on............... Answered

i have noticed that some people's recent comments are not their own comments. several unknown members that have not posted any comments at all suddenly have thousands of comments (a member called "erics instructables" supposedly posted 417,000 something comments, and we have not seen his name around). "evil instructables robot" has not posted a single comment the last time i checked, and now he has 27,000 something comments this also means that the posters of the comments dont have them. instructable member "j-chode" has a message saying on his profile that he has not posted any comments at all and he wasnt banned.......... can this problem be fixed?????????????


Umm, how do you tell they made so many comments, the comment stats are gone... :(

i saw this too, on people like winchester shotgun. it is strange.

ya. it is affecting u, as some of my comments are going to you

Eric said "Yes we're working on it, making numerous forum topics does not solve the problem faster." or something like that --Bill Engvall random thought: Alot it acually spelled a-lot with a space.