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i have the pulley and string from a blind what can i do with it? Answered

i threw out an old blind and kept the pulley and string what can i make out of them




Best Answer 9 years ago

I used the string to create a nice display "ladder" for my collection of old wooden canes. I tied knots with loops and slid the canes through these loops. Quantitiy 2 strings hung on the wall...makes for a very cool way to display my collection.

tie a very loose knot around the pulley and walk pulling the string a wha-la you have a pet pulley(please take for short walks as they get tired very easy)

arch ? (if the stick is not flexible enough then use it as the dart)

new blinds? jk Anything that needs to be moved from a-b about 8 feet....I can't think of anything.