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i have to be 18 to buy heet?!? Answered

so i went into walmart today hoping to buy some heet for my alcohol stove, well it all went well until i got to the register ( self checkout) i scaned and and it said "waiting for aproval". then this big hairy dude came over and told me i had to be 18.

my thought is WHY?
Tell me what you think, or what else works as a fuel (other than denatured alcohol)


i think we should follow their protocol and policy because they sure have a strong reason why.

i think Walmart has a policy on flammable liquids so try another place such as a hardware store


3 years ago

My bad just told me I got carded for the BIC white-out pen - not glitter. Still hating on Walmart.


3 years ago

I just got carded at Walmart...trying to buy glitter for my Christmas cards. I am 17 years old, have a job, pay taxes, donate to charity, own and maintain a car AND WALMART WON'T LET ME BUY GLITTER.

I am so glad I had $78 in groceries and the glitter was second to last...cuz u know I just stuck my CASH back in my pocket and walked.

heet  is an ingredient in meth
(the drug) 

Welcome to the unintended consequences of the war on (some) drugs. Heet is used in the "ten thousand little superfund sites" method. Incidentally, the home brew toxic waste dump is itself an unintended consequences of tightly controlling another precursor. Oh and you can't get solid iodine anymore without being on a government list and you can't buy more than X amount of cold medicine for the same reason.

Seems all this regulation thats an inconvenience to normal people has done very little to combat the cost or availability on the black market. Someone google up the definition of insanity for me again, please?

Meanwhile, Adderall and Ritalin are still highly prescribed medications for ADHD (or what ever people are calling it this week). They're essentially the same stuff.

I'm not supporting illicit drug use, I just want my damn country back.

what do you mean by "ten thousand little superfund sites method" ? it seems everything is being regulated now, in the end i just went to lowes and picked up a large can of denatured alcohol. Its funny walmart wouldn't let me buy this tiny bottle of heat but at lowes buying an entire gallon I didn't even get a glance :|

I don't know the exact method, but it has to do with lye and stove fuel and sudifed, and the whole drug lab can be easily assembled at home. Thus there are many many clandestine labs and they all produce toxic waste. None of that waste likely gets properly disposed of properly.

The DEA will pat themselves on the back for shutting down the big producers by adding tight restrictions to a few chemicals, but utterly fail to take responsibility for what I call "ten thousand little superfund sites"

Then they've tried a bunch of ways to mitigate the damage from their earlier misguided policies. Off the top of my head:

   Prohibiting sudifed from being sold in anything besides "push pill through foil packaging"

  Criminal charges (with possible jail time) if you buy too much cold medicine within a certain amount of time.

  Total removal of the useful OTC drug phenylpropanolamine, based on crappy science, because it's also a useful precurser.

   Discontinuation of the homemade soap and homemade biodiesel makers favorite product, "Red Devil Lye"

  Elimination of Iodine sales (unless you want to be on another government list). This killed products like Polar Pure, a water purification system I find extremely useful in my Homeland Defense emergency kit.

Also, you might try local gas stations. Mal-wart is a little overprotective for publicity reasons. Smaller stores may not give a damn.

If they do, try bringing your stove (It's lightweight, right) to show the sales clerk.

There may be a law about the issue, or it may just be a request from the DEA. I'm having minor supply issues getting pure lye for the same reason. (bio-diesel)

last i checked at walmart you had to be 18 to buy:
airplane glue (mmmm cyano acrylate)
BBs (for BB guns)
Pellets (for pellet guns)
paint balls
CO2 cartridges
anything flamable (spray paint, lighter fluid, etc..)

it's kind of silly...

Also, you might try local gas stations. Mal-wart is a little overprotective for publicity reasons. Smaller stores may not give a damn.

If they do, try bringing your stove (It's lightweight, right) to show the sales clerk.

There may be a law about the issue, or it may just be a request from the DEA. I'm having minor supply issues getting pure lye for the same reason. (bio-diesel)

It may sound silly, but I have an idea WHY things have changed so much since I was a striper....parents don't take any responsibility for their actions, nor their children's actions, when something goes wrong. 

It MUST have been the fault of the manufacturer, the store clerk, the law makers, that my little billy didn't know better then to soak himself in gasoline and ignite it......I think I'll sue.

exactly, but some small oneze convience stove probably won't be worring about getting sued, my local hobby shop sells me spraypaint, and i get all sorts of epoxy from lowes.

Im betting this is a new trend that bigger stores are starting, and will soon affect all stores. 


agreed....also... with the ease of creation and the massive consumption of bathtub meth they've had to lock down a lot of chemicals

Hmm, if its only walmart maybe i could try a convience store.
walmart is a big chain so if you sue them you could make ALOT of $
they are covering themselves.


8 years ago

They probably do it because alcohol can be easily "obtained" from it.
Here in South Africa, the poorer (homeless) people filter methylated spirits through a loaf of bread. Makes the bread blue and the liquid drinkable.  It's called a "blue train".

Not so much a problem anymore but it used to be as bad as glue sniffing.

wellmenthol alcohol is toxic by nature, and that is the only ingredient in heet.  so by drinking heet you could kill yourself, I think that its just because it is flammable

It's only toxic if you don't filter it.  Flammability is also a good reason to withhold sales to younger kids. 

Underage drinking is one thing but burnt alive at 10, that's a serious issue.

You're thinking of "denatured alcohol" (as we call it in the states)

That is mostly ethyl alcohol that's been adulterated with something to make it poisonous, for tax reasons.

These homeless you talk of seem to be trying to filter out the poison to save money. I've been told that the method really does not work, and they are slowly killing themselves, but have no first hand knowledge.

The stuff he's talking about here is pure menthol alcohol

what about Canada? can you buy heet here?

Aw man,  I was looking at buying a 200 mw laser module and this is what I got when I read their fine print: 

United States Customers Only: due to new regulations enforced by the US FDA and PayPal, orders of >5mW lasers units shipped to the United States are no longer accepted. Orders that were previously accepted and unshipped will be canceled and refunded to customers. This affects United States orders only.

Important FDA Warning for all >5mW Lasers: FDA advices all customers that these lasers may be purchased only if you are NOT a citizen of the United States and you are NOT currently living in the United States.


Laser pointer or something else? I've heard about lots of restrictions on 5mW+ pointers (illegal here), but if it was, say, just a laser diode I wouldn't think there would be any problems.

Well, this laser diode module, which is greater then (>)  5 mw (200 mw to be exact) will light a match and scorch paper.   It kind of bums me out a bit, since it is a good price. It isn't just the diode, but is pretty much a laser without the power supply. 

:S! If I want lasers, I think I need to but them now before things gets real bad... :(

Hmm... well then... I dunno. I really hope there's some way to get a couple hundred mW over here...

That was at Deal Extreme.  They won't send them to the USA because of the restrictions :-(

Ja, this sort of thing is really starting to irritate be now. I am 18 in May and so I still have a fair amount of time to go (not that I want to grow up too fast). So last Tuesday I decided that I needed to stock up on various party-things for Halloween and I got denied every single thing that I had gone to buy because I wasn't 18. Matches...well maybe then (although you can smoke at 16 (may have quietly raised it to 19 but that may have just been a parliamentary proposal)), but Party Poppers????!! Even though they do contain a small explosive charge I don't really see why the age should be more than 16 - they wouldn't sell to me but my 14 year old sister went to another shop and was allowed to buy them?

We have too many restrictive laws here anyway, however the age to buy party poppers is more than that to buy a knife??? WHAT IS GOING ON GOVERNMENT? Time that they got their priorities right.

Oh yes, also I wish the government would put the voting age down to 16/17 years, I can work, I pay tax, I can have children, I could even get married BUT I can't vote, unlike the majority of people (60-70% turnout to elections, GIVE YOUR VOTE TO PEOPLE WHO CARE ). Maybe it would be a good idea to have to apply for a voter's card if they are scared of youths going in to the polling station and voting BNP or for the Monster Raving Looney party.

Was it walmart that denied you?
our government, is slowly turning into a comunism.
pretty soon there will be a drinking age for energy drinks.  you just watch. ;)  

believe it or not, the whole age for energy drink thing, yeah, its happened to me


Don't worry, Im sure you will be old enough to drink energy drinks when the age restriction comes in :)

They can have the energy drinks but they can't have my FOOSH!  (caffeinated mints) :-) 

I never knew there was even such a thing as caffinated mints!

thats so funny!

They taste pretty bad, but they kick like a mule :-)  

The name is Foosh and they are VERY expensive (@ Think Geek )
Huh?   This has REALLY changed since I was younger.  I had no idea.  I mean, I bought everything from gasoline (in a portable can) to spray paints, paint thinners, and even one half pound boxes of  KNO3 a few boxes at a time while 16- onwards) 

.  A LOT of things have REALLY changed since you were a teen. ;)

Yeah, and every time I bend over, I am reminded of quite a few.... ;-)

Sounds like a good reason to close your eyes when you bend over...

Tis more my painful back and my musical knees that remind me the most  ;-) 

Musical knees - I have those.

If they're on form, my ankles, knees, thumbs, wrists, elbows and shoulders make standing up sound like a tap-dance over cockroaches.

Is it in poor taste for an 18-year old to make the same complaint? 

I agree, and i have. It is just tension from a physically demanding employment and a broken down mattress. 

Ah - my result was "it's your age", and the doctor is older than me!

Were a doctor to not be older than I am, I would be slightly concerned as to the status of the current health care system... 

I know, some of my knee and ankle cracks could be used in the 1812 Overture  :-) 

I guess you have to be 18 to buy glitter glue there too :\ At least at the one here you do. 

Do they think the 7 year olds are going to get high off of that?!
Jeez pretty soon you wont be able to buy white out without a liscence.