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i have two old drumsticks and i don't know what to do with them their in great condition? Answered

i realy don't want to throw out my drumsticks  any i deas what to do with them
the picture is what they look like



Best Answer 7 years ago

well since they are KISS edition they will be worth something someday so i suggest keep them in a safe place and you can sell them in the future

this may be a bit to obvious but you could give them to a drummer lol

....Does it go without saying to ...play drums?

Every time I find something I have something I don't need or want I give it to someone who does. It doesn't take long before other people start doing the same for me. Ask around your friends and see who would want or use them.

Try making a wall sculpture of a Jolly Roger (Skull & Crossbones), but instead of the bones beneath the skull, use the crossed drumsticks.