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i just got a guinea pig and all she does is sit in her little hut turned away? is she lonely mad? whats wrong with her Answered

shes not very old. i got her a day ago. and she seems to like me but now im not sure cause she doesnt like me to take her out it doesnt seem, and when i put her back in the cage she runs over to the little hut and goes in it but i read that guinea pigs dont sleep that much, and she lays under there not moving very often well breathing but she just stays under there and if i turn it around to see her face i looks like shes sleeping but i dont know cause they dont sleep that often. also when i put her on the floor to run around she wont move.?



Best Answer 8 years ago

She's tiny, she's frightened, she's alone.

1) Let her just settle in, don't disturb her for a few days,-make sure she has her food and water.

2) If you take her out, hold her covered in a soft T-shirt type material, allowing her to bury herself in it. 

3) If she seems unwell, do what Burf said. This tiny thing was probably taken from her mother too soon.

 I had two guinea pigs and all they did was sit inside that stupid hut all day long.  So we removed it.  They were still pretty lame.

.... thats horrible! You don't deserve animals.

you probably kept them in a petstore cage of course they didn't do much my guinea pig cage is 10.5 square feet the average pet store cage is 2 square feet so the have no where to move you should have built them one of these cages http://www.guineapigcages.com/

and if you do get another pig i would suggest you call your animal shelter because they sometimes have guinea pigs and they're usually cheaper and healthier than in pet stores and therefore your not promoting backyard breeders.

1. her cage probably isn't big enough my cage is 10.5 square feet and the recommended petstore cage is 2 square feet you can build one for cheep here http://www.guineapigcages.com/

2. try putting in a small step stool instead of a hut or cut another hole in the hut so she has and escape route

3. guinea pigs are prey animals so they naturally run when you try to pick them up i would suggest you wait 3 days until picking her up and i scratch my guinea pig behind the ears and she freezes so you can slide your hand under her and pick her up

4.offer her hay if you don't already it's a must for a guinea pig to have unlimited hay

hope that helped

Even perfectly confident and tame guinea pigs don't like the process of being removed from the cage.

Don't let that stop you from letting her sit on you or near you whenever possible. This is particularly important when you only have one guinea pig.

Try to follow the same lights-on, lights-off, and feeding times every day. (That isn't bad advice for people, either.)

Sounds like she is scared stiff. As everyone else says, she needs company.

Guinea pigs need other pigs for company, they ought not to be kept alone.


She may also simply still be scared.  A day isn't a lot of time to recover, especially if someone keeps poking at you all the time.


8 years ago

Take her back to the pet store where you got her. She may be ill or possibly too young to leave her litter mates.