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i just got my licence and want to buy a car A LITTLE HELP HERE? Answered

I want a car that is fast front engine rear wheel drive and isn't so heavy on the wallet in gas OR insurance... can I have some suggestions?


If you get a 49cc moped you will not need any plates, inspections, pollution tests or insurance. If you make a bicycle run on a 49cc motor, you will have the ability to go just about anywhere except on the highway. The insurance rates on a youngster under 25 years old is OUTRAGEOUSLY high (I have heard). I have seen many people riding them in a place called "dogtown" here in st Louis Missouri. Have even seen some guys that looked like they weighed 350 pounds riding them!!! The only drawback is if you have an accident. I am not POSITIVE about not needing insurance but I am just giving you an idea... you should check it out yourself to see if it fits your needs.

Not having insurance means your are liable for any damages that you cause and means you have no one fighting on your side if someone hits you. In Iowa you don't need insurance for a powered "vehicle" that is governed at 30MPH but if you modify a bicycle you are not to exceed 20MPH. It is "illegal" in the state of Iowa to ride a bicycle under your own power or not over 20MPH.

However the good news is that if you got a moped the insurance is pretty cheap if you have a license and submit that you will always wear a helmet! For $1500 you can get a 150cc "moped" delivered to your door from China with a manufacture's certificate that states the vehicle is governed at 30MPH. The cherry on this sundae is that the removing the 30MPH restriction only requires simple tools and you now have a 3-5HP beast capable of 50MPH. Helmet highly recommended and you may be required to have an orange flag on the back.....

"Fast front engine / rear wheel drive" and "easy on gas / insurance" rarely go together.

Here in the UK, new drivers can easily end up paying more per year in insurance than the car is actually worth.

I'm sorry to wreck your boy-racer dreams, but what you really ought to have is something small. I would recommend an early-model Ford Ka, Peugeot 107 or VW Fox or Up.

The small engine will keep your insurance low, and your fuel consumption down. The small size will also keep repair costs down when you inevitably crash in your first year or two.

So, you won't have the coolest or fastest car amongst your peers, but at least you'll be able to afford to eat as well as drive.

I live in the united states so I don't think that I can get a Peugeot or a ford ka but I can get a VW for sure

Your most likely to get into a wreak the first year of driving. Insurance will check your driving record perodically as well as run a credit check. Nothing you can do except be honest when filling out applications. Craigslist has local cars check the blue book and bring a buddy.

I got in my first wreak right anter I got my permit 6 months ago 3 minutes out of the DMV

Do a Craigslist search for "ratrod" and " rat rod"

Oh, and welcome to the rat race. : )

My first car was a 73 Datsun 6000, a rusty clunker. Someone replaced the manual transmission with an automatic and it was very slow going up hill. It left me stranded a few times, even at the house of my girlfriend at the time (happens to be my wife now!). My then soon brothers in law took me back home a few times. Driving that humble first car I felt like the king of the world. Enjoy whatever first car comes your way and everything that you want will come in due time. Learn how to take care of your car and remember that a car is suppose to take you reliably from point A to point B, anything else is luxury.


Insurance costs

Running costs

1st car = experience - gaining experience can be expensive!

Get a cheap car for a while.


4 years ago

A lot of first time drivers 70% ruin their first cars due to lots of reasons..
Two of my three daughters wrecked their cars !

Get a good older car that is safe but paid for, like a Honda or Subaru while
you are training your muscle memory automatic responses.

Then after the horrible 70% event get a nice one.


Sure when you give us your idea of cheap on the wallet. But the kind of car your looking for will be costly on the insurance. You talking a sports car made for racing so that won't go over well with insurance providers. Also these kinds of cars tend to guzzle gas.