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i just installed a philips disk drive in my xbox to replace the thompson drive. now it seems to act in reverse. why? Answered

now when the drive closes with a disk, the light around the eject button keeps flashing red/green as if the tray is still out & doesnt load the game. also when i power off the xbox, the disk tray ejects and stay open. i hooked everything on the drive correctly when i installed it. is the philips drive defective, or does it need to be flashed or something?


It acts in reverse because Philips is made in the USA while the Thompson drive is made in China - the opposite side of the globe. To make it work again, all you have to do is either install the Philipsdrive upside-down or turn your console over and all will be fine.

Now he's gonna have to post a question asking how to install his drive upside down!

It just works differently than your old disk.