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i like this guy i work with but i think he is just shy.where do i go from here? Answered

we work at the same school,different daycare programs.i liked him since the first day he transferred to my school and i would catch him checking me out every so often.after a while he just started avoiding me and then about a few weeks ago he started making things reallyreally obvious.he was always just standing around kids staring in my direction and then he randomly came up to me and started a random conversation with me.he couldnt stop smiling and he was staring at me like crazy,anyways its been a week or two and id like things to go a bit faster.any suggestions?


Asking HIM out isn't entirely unacceptable. Just encourage him a little bit. Be friendly. Be as affectionate as you feel comfortable with. You might take it a step further and drop hints to open up an opportunity for him. Say that there's a movie you really want to see. Say that you wish someone would take you to a show. Try to find something of common interest, if at all possible and hint away.

How about sending him a handwritten letter asking for a date? It's more personal than an email, but perhaps less intimidating than a face-to-face request.