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i love to learn all about these technologies Answered

i love to learn all about these technologies about here's the problem i dont study and i love someone to help me by making videos about how to make EL wire and whatever you know, please reply?



There are 10 projects using EL wire to the right, ---->, in the related bar. THey may not be your exact project but once you know how to get the EL wire running then I think you can figure out how to attach it to different things.

@blkhawk i'll try my best

well no i didn't get what i want
i really want to make a glass with EL wire and there's no way i can find it on youtube

Have you actually looked / searched for what you want?


+1 Check Youtube. I'm sure you'll find many tutorials there.

+1 I'm sure that someone somewhere has posted a video. You can search yourself.