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i need a circuit for my car stereo (sony, 52Wx4ohm) because i am not getting it's current ratings? Answered


Please clarify your question. Are you saying you need to find out the current requirements or it's not putting out it's rated power. Or something else?

Why do you think there's a problem?

Note that if you're trying to measure the current, remember that the rating is *PEAK* wattage. Since human hearing is nonlinear (exponential, if I remember correctly) and since the signal spends very little of its own time at the maxima/minima of its range, you will not often draw the full 52W -- and you should be happy about that, since when you hit that limit the signal clips and sounds awful.

Not to mention that you should be able to deafen yourself quite adequately without hitting that limit, assuming reasonably efficient speakers.

Also, the rating is RMS, there is no such thing as peak power is there ?

... which is where one finds this sort of number.

Thanks. "Wait. Strike that. Invert it." That's what I get for posting without checking.