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i need a scientific answer for why people look up when thinking.? Answered

when people are honestly thinking...why look up??? a great thought through, scienctitic answer would b appreciated!



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I'll answer your question with another question:  Is there a statistically valid percentage of people who look up while thinking rather than looking in any other direction?

I'm thinking there is not a statistically valid percentage of people who look up while thinking for a greater length of time than in any other direction, and therefore, you won't find a scientific reason.  However, if you want to mess with people's heads, you could say this:

While the cognitive occipital lobe adjusts to a focus outside the targeted field, the perambulation of neurons surrounding the optic nerve release seratonin through electrical discharge to the frontal cortex allowing for greater cognitive functioning.

Note:  I'm not saying you should say that, but it's a nice bit of nonsensical jargon that you could theoretically say to mess with people.

+1. There is a _dramatic_ convention of people looking to the sky for an answer. In my experience, in real life they're just as likely to look down, or just gaze off in to space. Today I'm looking 45 degrees to the left and about 15 degrees up when I want to mime a thoughtful pause; tomorrow it may be different..

First establish the statistical anomaly. THEN look for an explanation.

I recall reading somewhere that not only is there a statistically valid percentage of people who look up when thinking, but a statisically valid percentage of those people will look up and left when trying to remember some bit of factual information, but up and to the right when trying to think up a lie. Or something like that.
Wish I could remember where I read it. I remember thinking that it seemed to be a credible source.

A lot of that would heavily depend on their methodology and their definitions.  For instance, if the participant was seated in front of the person conducting the study and this was in the US, a participant might look away from the person because it's "rude" or "uncomfortable" to continue looking at a person when nothing is being said, and it's socially acceptable to look up and away when in thought.  The relevance of the study is probably very limited when generally talking about "thinking", and the key feature of the study is the "left" vs. "right" when telling a truth (or what you believe to be a truth) or a lie.  And then there are the statistics that they ran and whether or not their findings were truly significant and how they defined "thought".  Basically, from what you've said, I'd bank on the study being pertinent to situations involving one-on-one questioning such as with police questioning a suspect rather than the thought processes that people have on a daily basis such as all the times I drive to the grocery store and have life-changing revelations without looking up and away from the road.  Still the study of subconscious actions is interesting, and the researchers probably did find something when it comes to people looking in a particular direction when lying than in any other.

"See if they look left or right"
 Left is generally constructed images/memories, right is usually remembered ones.
You use your left brain for imagination, your right brain for recollection of real memories

Looking up generally means they're trying to keep a clear un-distracted mind while thinking, by removing a lot of visual reference to distractions like people, etc.

 actually, as the article i was reading before i saw this question, looking up to the right helps trigger imagination, you can use to tell if someone use lying.looking left triggers memories(and associated with obviously the truth)

Others suggest that they do not follow this phenomenon (in other answers)

I know for fact whenever I do mental math I look up.

I think AngRed and Ork may have a point. Upon reflection, I have come to the realization that when I am alone and thinking, I tend to focus downward and inward, but when I am with other people and need to think, I usually look up. Seems to suggest that at least in my case, looking up is a behavior intended to communicate "I'm thinking" to others, rather than being directly tied to the cognitive process itself.
As for the Left & Right thing, I believe the article that I read was either about interrogation procedures or cold reading for fun and profit. So Yeah...

My body exists at the bottom of the universe known here in Iblesland as Seandogue. Since my brain and other IckyGoop(tm) exists way down here, I, that is, "I" have to look up into my universe to see where I put the information.

It also acts as my universal blackboard for drawing pretty pictures with circles and arrows and......

But seriously, I don't look up any more than any other direction when  I think...What *I do is stare off into space and sorta blur my vision (which gains me access to the vastness of the universe known as seansdogue)

Ok, technically, here in Ibleland I have no body at present, so let's just say the bottom of my lil head.

When thinking and looking for an abstract answer it helps if I'm not distracted by things in my vision.  A ceiling or the sky works nicely as a blank slate.

that's what I'm thinking too. you look up to get rid of any visual distraction