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i need a way to kiss m girlfriend she said she likes me very much she has been waitin fo 1 yr so some one pls help me. Answered

I need a place to kiss her                                                                                                                                                                                                                



Fill out your profile.

As far as we know where you live kissing in public is punishable by death.

Not a joke there are places on this planet where public displays of affection can and will get you killed.

Remember this is the WWW and you would not want bad advice so fill out your profile or give more information about your and her culture and country or country of origin in your question.

Honor killings happen they have even happen here in Canada and you would not want that for you or your girlfriend.

Like I said

"Honor killings happen they have even happen here."

Take a chance and kiss her where no other will see, If she tells you she doesn't feel that way about you be cool and move on.

No idea how old you both are. But when your alone some time if it feels right go for it. GO SLOW though. Then if she turns away you know the time isn't right.

Try starting by kissing her on the cheek and see how she responds.

Or be romantic, and start on the back of the hand, as a greeting or parting gesture.

However, I concur with Josehf's concerns - if she has been waiting a year for your first kiss, that implies strong cultural reasons for the delay (I kissed Kitewife for the first time at the end of our first date, a peck on the cheek as we parted at her door).

Go with Rick or Kiteman's advice but if you write anything to her, use capitalization and punctuation. Making it easier for the recipient to read shows that you respect and appreciate her. True in love, true in life!

thx i think that will help a lot