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i need good upcycle/recycle crafts for a camp i am doing with 5/6 graders titled "Trash to Treasure"? Answered

Planning a kids camp need crafts that take anything from 30 mins. to 5 days. Cheap budget but would love to use as many everyday or recycled products as possible!



 If it is warm during camp, there are some great instructables about building rafts from lots of recycled materials (cardboard or drink bottles).  If their upcycling is part of a "challenge" between teams, the competition might help to focus them.

Tie-dye old t-shirts with tea, or coffee. Sew 2 square sections together, stuff, and use as a pillow when finished.

If you're more ambitious, try doing bristle bots. Kids LOVE these.
(type "bristlebots" in the search on Instructables.)

Also, check out Kiteman's easy loom. Keeps kids busy, and they always want to make more.

A good one is to collect clean canned-food cans and use them to make pencil jars. The cans can be painted, or you can dip yarn in elmer's glue and wrap it around the can. If there are any sharp tops to the cans you could cover them with tape. Another craft is to collect the metal tops of those paper concentrated juice containers and make magnets out of them. There is a lip one one side, and you can put glitter on the bottom, then fill the space with elmer's glue. After you let them dry you can put magnets on the back, either with the magnet tape you can buy at the craft store, or you could glue on those magnets that companies hand out for free. A craft that kids really like is to gather some kid appropriate old magazines and have them make collauges with glue sticks or mod podge. You can collauge paper, or go fancier and collauge used boxes to make "treasure boxes", old tiles for "memory tiles", etc. I think kids like this one because it reflects their personalities - each one is very different.

make paper mache critters. All you need is newspaper, plastic grocery bags, wire coat hangers, masking tape, flour and water and a bit of creativity.

Altered containers. Ask around for all camp personnel to bring in their crystal light containers (drink mix in a can) or country-time lemonade containers. These are heavy-duty plastic and can hold anything. The country-time containers are moistureproof and can be used to hold food-stuff. In fact, they can be used to make a water-proof survival kit. Matches, first-aid gear, etc. in a container with some kind of decor on the outside like a big Red Cross.

Hi. I suggest using the FASTEST Recycled T Shirt Tote instructable on this site. Each camper could bring a t shirt they have outgrown or maybe from last year's camp. The campers could cut the t shirts and pin them and then an adult or camper with sewing exp. could sew the shirts closed...everyone would have a recycled t shirt tote in less than 45 min. They could then use it for carrying all their camp supplies each day. I plan to use this project with my 6th grade classes in the fall. Low cost, easy to follow instructions and a usable, recyled end product!