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i need help finding heatsink for led? Answered

i have these LEDS (http://www.cree.com/products/pdf/LEDlamps/CLN6A%28979%29.pdf) and dont know what type of heatsink to put them on can anybody suggest me to any in particular.


You need 2 things, 1, an aluminum (aluminium) substrate circuit board that is electrically isolated from the electrical contacts, but thermally connected to the center of the led to provide thermal contact (like other power leds on boards)

...and then you need to mount THAT to a heatsink - depending on how many of these (1Watt) leds you want to use. 1w leds you can basically stick to anything metal with a decent surface area.

Those >1 watt sized LEDs are kind of tricky, in my opinion,  to solder and attatch to a heat sink. Page 11 of the datasheet you link to maybe gives some crypic hints on how solder this LED to its heat sink.  In the future I recommend you get the ones that come with a small heat sink already attached. Most of the ones I've bought before came from a Hong Kong based junkmonger called  www.dealextreme.com

Looking through their, DX's,  pages, I just noticed that they sell the heat sinks separately too.  Here: