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i need help picking out a TV? Answered

i want to buy a 29-37 (preferably 32) inch TV that has Internet Apps; (maybe 3D); at LEASTan 80,000:1 contrast ratio, (maybe 120 Hz or more, but I'm not very picky as long as there is no flicker on the image); and 1080p full HD.

i found many models rounding at about $900 (without 3D, of course), little pricey huh?

1) picture-wise, what is the difference between "back-lit LED", and "edge lit LED" and is there any other technology i have not heard of yet (NOTincluding back projection of a projector)?

2) which would be the best choice LED, LCD, or Plasma, (of if cheap, small and light enough,
     back projection DLP)?
    (i don't really care about efficacy, but i do want one with a good lifespan; reallybright colors
    (like led or plasma) and good contrast, and has deep "black" blacks;
hopefully 1080p, but
    ill settle for 720p, less than 8 ms response time; has a great viewing angle; and last and
    certainly not last, one that is under the $1600.00 price tag!)

3) whats the difference in the picture quality with edge-lit-LED and back lite-LED? (i know the led
     placement in each corresponds with the type of led tv it is.)

right now, i have a 19 inch CRT 4:3 aspect ratio (i am guessing 480p res) the TV itself is a
"CurtisMathes-Tronics" brand (i never heard of it) (model # "CM 19022S"). its OK. it works, but its getting too small for me, and after i bumped into some money last summer ($700) at the peek and i am thinking saving for a "state of the art" HDTV! next year, with my summer job, i should have $1500 to spend.


Built in internet apps and 3D are just now being debuted at this years CES( check out Engagets coverage ) so availability is still away's off and affordability even further off. A unit with 120Hz is a must have for any 3D you may encounter down the road as well as 1080p ( for BlueRay or programing in HD).If BR or HD are not part of your equation then 720p is what you want since your eyes wont tell the difference in digital or standard Def broadcasts.Plasma has a tendency for burn in if still images sit to long on the screen and technically do not have a refresh rate.LCD is the predominent format and by far the best choice.If you want state of the art,wait till summer for the the 1500 you'll need it.

whats "1500"? i guessing the part #. also i saw the LG "smart" tv and a but not sure it comes with the right price and size.there is also a smart box model that turns any TV into a smart TV (the "ST600"). is there a box in the market that turns your regular 120 Hz(or more) TV into a 3D TV? (by recognizing a 3d signal and turning it into a technically 2d signal for the tv to pick up and with a pair of shutter glasses in sink with the box, see a 3D picture?)
(i hope thats understandable)

sorry,$1500 from your summer job:). 120Hz is needed to enable 3D since two slightly different images are projected and each requires a nominal refresh rate of 60Hz(which is refresh rate of a standard LCD monitor).Hmmm?, there are set top boxes coming that will allow a 120Hz LCD to display 3D,there may even be some available now in your area,keep checking online @ BestBuy and others for availability.Have you visited Engaget.com for CES coverage?,alot of the "stuff" your asking about are being reviewed right now, with most manufacturers anticipating rollout to store shelves by the end of the first QTR of 2011, so April/May will be an interesting time for buyer's like yourself.
Good Luck

also, don't quite have the money ($560) write now, but my next summer i should have a $1000 to spend, then after X-mas (when EVERYTHING is cheaper! including TV's) i will buy and save a couple-hundred bucks!

i know how 3D works. thanks any way. but if such boxes exist, what are they called? (to google it and maybe buy) i dont give much of a damn for 3D tv (mainly the smallest size is 42 inches AND they are EXPENSIVE), so it's just a feature i would like to have.

Your question indicates you know more about it than most people. You might want to make an instructable on how to choose a new tv. Many people are very confused about all those features.

thanks! :-) i will think about it,as much as i HATE saying it, i don't know everything yet. :-( (the actual questions i asked) if you can answer them, that would be great!

Ignore 3D it's going to change a lot in the next 3 years. The "non-glasses" 3D is going to fail if they can't work out some serious problems in the first generation.  Most of the time you can't get the whole screen in focus.  It has a very limited viewing angle.  Some people can't see the 3d effect at all.  Some people can't get both eyes to focus on the image at the same time.  I predict that the lenticular screen 3d will fail.

SO, getting a 120 HZ TV is a waste of good money.  60 HZ has no flicker.

Wait until you've got the money - things will change between now and then.