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i need help to make a video game can anyone help me? Answered

hi my name is arshya and i want to make a video game but i do not have the experience because i am 13 but i already have a idea i just want to see if it is possible to make it so if any one can help we can work as a team if its possible to make my idea, we can get it together than maybe we can split everything 50, 50. so if anyone is interested just email me at  arshyamohebpour8@gmail.com.



If somebody looking for a inspiration for a game please look

through the books in your local liberary. there are lots of books that are not yet made into a game so it would be more oryginal then creating another FNAF rip-off.

If anyone is looking for a game script/Story I will be more than happy to help. I will be writing all the dialogue for the game and story. I also can do map design.

Someone help me make my fnaf game! I use android... Here is my title screen


3 years ago

Im making a video game. cant spend any money in the process of its production. One place you guys can look for 3d editing is DAZ3D.

Otherwise put down everything you want in notepad. read it over with someone you Trust & are willing to help you and begin Your experience.

not very helpful But thats as much as i can offer At this Time.




Text dont Call Thanks everyone have a pleasant Day.

Hello everyone! I am starting a unity3d javascript game! It is gonna be a survival sandbox game. Anyone want to help? When i get together some coders, model makers and texture makers i am going to sit down with everyone and plan everyrhing out. So if you want to be a part of this project, add me on skype: hampus.och.simon

And i am 12 and have about 1.5 years of experiance :D


3 years ago

Hey I'm making a video game right now, and I would like help I can do It myself but its always better and more fun with more people. But I guess you sent this a long time ago,but if your still into it email me zblast88@gmail.com


Answer 3 years ago

Oh and its not as hard as people say it is I made 4 good games in like 2 months if you work hard you can get it done fast.

Planning is the first step. Get a piece of paper and write down all the reasons WHY you want to make a video game. What is your goal? To have FUN? To learn new skills? It looks like your goal is to make MONEY! If the goal is to make money, why does it have to be a VIDEO game? Couldn't you make a card-game or dice game or board game to sell and make money? The video game idea is a very difficult goal. You must make something comparable to the professional stuff out there and compete with some very big companies.

I think video games are fun, but they have a few drawbacks (bad traits) also. All inventions have good and bad effects. Air-conditioning is nice, but it makes people stay in their houses and never come out to talk with their neighbors. Automobiles are nice, but people get LESS EXERCISE because they don't walk as much. ..... And....... Videogames are lots of fun but what are the BAD effects of videogames? They are addictive... they often teach bad lessons such as violence, impatience, and other bad lessons (can you think of more?) They are often played ALONE and the child does not learn social skills or how to make REAL friends. They make you unhappy because it is a synthetic reality that seems "better" than your real-life-reality. Many parents use videogames to entertain their children ENDLESSLY so the parent does not have to be a responsible adult and teach the child POSITIVE life lessons. (can you think of more?)

My point here is to get you to think about WHAT you are trying to build. Think about WHY you are building it. Then decide on HOW you will accomplish the job. Then you will build a game that is something of great value. (Money value, or FUN value, or LEARNING value... whatever your goal is).

Here is something for you to think about: I like the game of CHESS. What lessons can you learn from playing chess? Here are a few:
Math skills, concentration skills, problem solving, patience, decision making, think before acting, to slow-down & be less "rash", to respect others, strategy thinking, socialization skills,.... and many others! How many VIDEO games can make those claims?

You can also check out THIS campaign which is trying to fight the stigma of gaming by spotlighting games that do good and trying to give gaming a positive representation in the political machine.

Far more than you think, the majority in fact can check most of those boxes plus some. You're perpetuating a stereotype about video games and the people who play them that really is unfair and not true a surprising amount of the time. I would suggest that you go watch the Extra Credits videos I posted a link to in my other comment as well. They really highlight the good that can be/is being done by/through video games.
RPGs (even ones like WoW) and strategy games are essentially math. Who has better numbers? How does this unit or item affect my numbers? Math skills, check.
Most video games require concentration. If you're not paying attention you will lose, which goes for pretty much any game. Concentration skills, check.
Problem solving/strategy/decision making is probably something video games do best. You have an objective, you are given tools, there are constraints and rules, and you have to work with all of those to find the solution. Sometimes this is obvious problem solving like a puzzle game but even FPS's are problem solving. Your different weapons are your different tools, you have an environment that constrains you along with most of the laws of physics, and a enemy (the problem). Check.
Patience, think before acting, slow-down, and be less "rash" are all pretty much the same thing. The best place this shows up in video games is the stealth genera. These games require great patience and reward slow and steady decision making. Thinking through the chain of events your actions will cause is paramount to succeeding in a stealth game.
The video game industry does suffer from a perceived lack of respect, it can't be denied but it's the loud minority. When ever I play online with strangers its in a team oriented setting and I've had pretty much nothing but good experiences. In fact in team based games if you are disrespectful then good luck getting any support from your team.
The fact that the most popular video games are popular because of their multiplayer modes makes video games far more social than a chess match, most of which I might add involve far less conversation than me and my friend playing video games together.
Beyond all that, can playing a game of chess teach history, improve hand eye coordination, teach resource (money) management, teach you a new language, teach you about US civil code, and how about the video games researchers are using to help find cures for illness and processes other types of complex data?

Don't dismiss video games, they are one of the most powerful mediums we have. It's potential for good far outstretches mediums like TV, movies, and print but just like any other tool it can be wielded incorrectly, lazily, or with bad intentions. You of course are entitled a differing opinion but I'd beg you stop and think about the good you gloss over and hinder when you make such broad declarations.

Start by watching all the videos put out by Extra Credits. They give a lot of really good insight into game developing and will help you learn exactly what is involved in game development. They have some great stuff that will help you avoid a lot of pitfalls first time (and experienced) designers and developers make and plenty of info on how to start development for a new game, particularly as a indie dev.

There are a lot of free ways you can get started, some simple some complex. Depending on what sort of game it is you can begin developing prototypes with the Unreal Engine, which powers a slew of AAA games for free. If you ever where to sell your game then they say it is easy to purchase a commercial license for the engine without losing any of your work.

1. Not a clever idea to post your personal email address in plain text. You ought to edit that out.

2. There are a number of free tools to build video games. Cut your teeth on those before trying to create a whole game from nothing.



Very few - IF ANY - will put in 99% of the effort to produce a professional game for only 50% of the return!

A video game as you might buy may take 1000's of man hours to cod and check. this is beyond a trivial task and although your idea may be excellent without experience and the necessary skills your not likely to get t off the ground.

I suggest:

1. You shelve it and set about gaining the skills you need to make it into reality.
2. Draw up a good descriptive outline of your idea putting as much detail in as possible and then try to sell it to an established games maker.

I am not trying to dampen you enthusiasm, but sometimes you have to be realistic.