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i need the designing calculation far centrifugal compressor working by 100 watts motor..for 0.1 ton refrigeration unit? Answered

as i need formulas for designing centrifugal compressor which work by motor capacity of 100 watts..1500 rpm...don know what materials to choose...don know impeller and eye diameter...we need to  design to compress the refrigerant which have pressure ratio of 1.3bar..i tried to design the compressor by various methods but failed...help me out..



Its outside the specialisms of most of the answerers on here.
You haven't said what your refrigerant is - ammonia ? HCFC ? Butane ?

Designing EFFICIENT pumps is pretty hard, designing working ones isn't as bad. There are many, many books on the topic. Its time you read some.


its going to be ammonia...what i need is it should work..atleast it should show some pressure difference...2-3 as pressure ratio...could yo give me links of such books..i don know how to start of the calculations..i mean from which step i should procee..help me put sir..thanks for your reply

EN316 as a minimum for the blades then.

Design books ? Try some of these.

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sir as i was working..i had a doubt about the replacement of R11 refrigerant..i couldn get the p-h and h-s diagram of it ..could yo pls help?


I guess you didn't like the answers you were given previously. honestly i don't think this is a project you can be helped with very much as a remote distance.