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i need to simply run a dot matrix printer motor with a 5v battery? Answered

i ve got a motor of printer with 5v rating and 50 mh  i need to simply run it using 5v dc battery can i do so.
it has 5 wires of different colours, please tell me how to do so?


You've got a star connected stepper.  One of the leads is common, and the others are the other end of the four coils, connected like a star.  Check resistances, and the one which shows lowest resistance to the other four wires is the common.
To drive it, connect the common to the supply and a suitable transistor to switch each of the others to ground, so you'll need four outputs from your controller (although there are chips which will do it for you).  To make it run you need to send a 'ripple' around the connections, energizing each one in turn (full step mode) or energizing the next one for half the step time while the current one is still energized (half step mode).  The motor is reversed by running the 'ripple' in the other direction.
A B C D A B C D A etc
Full step reverse would be A D C B A D C B A
(I can't find a good graphic of this.)

i think that you have a stepper motor, those you need a special complex circuit to run<br /> <br /> <br /> try putting a regular 9 volt to all the combinations, if it only moves 50 then you know it's a stepper motor<br />