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i took my raider apart and now the dart barely gets out of the barrel Answered

i took my raider apart and now the dart barely gets out of the barrel i took a couple pieces out and dont know where half of them go somtimes the dart doesnt even get out it looks fine inside but it doesnt work


i believe I know what your problem is. you must not have followed the tutorial I liked you to in the last question. What has happened is you also removed the dart tooth. I, to, have made this mistake the first time I tried to modify my longshot. The dart tooth is a little piece of plastic that pops up when you are closing the breach, and pushes the dart back into the chamber. without it the dart gets pushed into the barrell and most of the air goes around it just barely pushing the dart out of the barrel. to solve this problem all you will need to do is simply replace the dart tooth, which I have circled in the picture and since i'm assuming you succsesfully removed the air restrictors, the gun should exceed stock performance.

dart tooth.bmp

thanks ur the best

no problem. although 2 things in the future: 1. if you click the reply instead of comment button, I get a notification and can find your comment easier 2. If your wanting to do more nerf mods, I would sugest familiarizing yourself with nerfhaven. There is a lot of good info on that site, and if you follow their instructions you should usually have succses moding.

ya i ttok that out :P

And ? what can we do ? You broke it.