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i tried the 9v mp3 and cell charger but it ends up draining my battery Answered

even though my device is indicating charging what am i doing wrong?


More details please. What is this 9v mp3 & charger, and how are you using them? L

this is my first time tring an instructable and i tried "Super Simple Ipod Battery Charger (Altoids Tin)" instructable to make my own i followed everything exactly the way it said except for using the female usb port i instead used the male mini-usb conection cable from an old cell wall charger. I even tested it with a volt meter before tring on my Sansa and Cell when i tried it on them it work but when i used it at home this weekend it drained my power now my mp3 player doesn't want to charge anymore i believe i blew the internal battery. just want to know what could have happened.

Check the resistance on the data pins of that old wall charger. Most phones require a resistor in the cable (usually in the connector) to tell it to charge. Does the mp3 player still charge with the computer or stock charging cable?

Thanks for your respond, it worked fine when i tested it. I belive my 5v regulator is no longer working thats probably why my mp3 doesn't work any more i tried charging with the computer left it on all night and it still doesn't charge only gives me 5minutes of play time or less then the battery dies again. My regulator use to heat up alot now it doesn't my guess is it fried. my guess is that i either over charged my player or completly drained its life. I will start from scratch and check the resistance on the data pins before i try it on my cellphone. Thanks for your help!

OK that's good detail, you know what you've been doing. It's not the best Instructable but it does look simple - I assume that you've checked the polarity? Without seeing the device I wouldn't really know beyond that.
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