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i wana covert 5v dc from usb to 12v dc with 2amp max current...,can any1 help me out..?? Answered

basically i wana give power tp my 3.5" disktop HDD with usb,i dnt wana use adapters..,so plz help me out to convert the usb 5v dc to 12v dc with max current of 2 amp...,thnx..,any1 intellegent plz leme kno at deepakpatter@gmail.com


Y cn't d tht. SB nly prvds 0.5mp t 5V (2.5W). 12V t 2mp s 24W. Vlts nrgy cnsrvtn.

We don't charge extra for more letters. Why don't you spell the words in full ? Writing in stupid makes you look "un-intellgent" (sic)

when you increase voltage - by any means - you have to decrease the available current - nothing for nothing! - as you USB won't supply 2 amps in the first place your idea isn't going to work.

You will have to build a power supply or get a wall wart.

+1 You can't get that much amperage from a 5V 500mA source.