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I want some info on industrial project report for final year adft department diploma? Answered

I want some info on industrial project report for final  year adft(apparel designing and fabrications technology) department. where can i get it, does any body help me on this? 


You want someone else to do the report for you. I hope your teacher figures out your trying to cheat your way through the class.

sorry, brother/sister i think you confused m not asking it for copy paste purpose i want some idea over those projects. i didn't get it outside thats why came here. well thanks for the reply

A funnier response would have been "I have some reports, what school are you at and who's your teacher". Followed by an email ;)

There's an idea! We'll save you all the trouble. Give us your teacher's email and we'll send him/her several reports. Then he/she can choose which one to grade you on.

ADFT Report

Today I went to a factory which makes clothing. It was a really big room with bright lights and lots of machines. There were ladies sitting at the machines working really hard. The factory boss must be a very nice man, because he let some of the ladies bring their children to work! It must be a fun job, because he children were working really hard, too.

This is an excellent project report. You're sure to pass apparel design and fabrication if you submit this.