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i want someone to build a scroll saw with a sewing machine Answered

it goes up and down so maybe reblace the moter and add a blade and just use the clockwork and frame i meant to put it in burning questions sorry EDIT: if you do it you get a patch


I want a million dollars and a hoverboard...

Do it yourself, instead of demanding that someone else do it for you. LiRa was just being a little bit more subtle. Clearly over your head.

Hay guys. Just been sent here by Zaphod - Interesting thread! Wish I had seen it earlier, as I have been planing/doing a conversion of this sort for aged.  Anyway finally finished an ible on the conversion I did, which used a spring and lever arrangement to tension the blade.

Since you are asking someone else to do work for you, presumably you are willing to pay for that work. Therefore, this has been reclassified to Marketplace:Wanted.

that's a jigsaw, btw

It's a fixed jigsaw - the blade of a band-saw goes around inside in a loop. Interesting idea, though, if all you're cutting is balsa or corrugated card. Maybe remove the under-plate mechanism, swap the needle for a section of coping-saw blade and anchor the lower end to the bottom of the cavity below the bed-plate with a small spring or section of bungee... (Feel free to pinch the idea - I don't have a spare sewing machine to try it.)

for the win! lol i dunno if it'll work, the needle is meant to only go up and down and not much else, the side pressure needed to cut something may hurt the mechanism? it may not, but just saying

With a sharp and proper blade, and thin material within specs, forward pressure should not be needed. The cutting blade does the work; the user just has to guide the material through.

If anybody has a spare sewing machine, though, it's worth a try.

Since there is no bottom arm to maintain tension on the blade, you would need to cut on the "up" stroke, the bottom part of the blade could just be guided through a pair of carbon blocks (self lubricating) and then the only problem is if the gear train is rugged enough.