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i want something to build!!! Answered

I would like to build something for some one!! anything reasonable! i do make and forge custom knifes.
i will soon begin construction on many projects, but i just like to build stuff and do a pretty good job of it....     i won't do it for free, but i'm not trying to make a gross profit it's more for the challenge. oh one last request, please don't have me make anything you intend on patenting, unless i get to have a share of the patent lol!!


http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://www.blksmth.com/images/large_size/miners_candle_holder.jpg&imgrefurl=http://www.blksmth.com/Miners_Candle_Holder.htm&h=400&w=431&tbnid=19K_-abdO3T0gM:&zoom=1&docid=-BhXqhPtfhPDTM&ei=l2hIVbPDH8a_sAWurICQCg&tbm=isch&client=tablet-android-barnesnoble&ved=0CB4QMygAMAA miners candleholder

im not in the market, but if you do damascus steel, i'd like to se it. I might even b able to suggest marketplaces for it.

I've seen a lot of really cool knives made from forge welding steel cable. I'm not looking to buy any (making my own). But it looks like a really awesome idea to try. Good luck with your future projects!

 Maybe make a joule theif that can use much bigger batteries (ie boat or car batteries). You could make a simple programable robot, a boat out of plywood and 2 liters, some type of forging helper, an automatic koolaid maker, a rube goldberg machine, maybe a forge if you have the ability. Hope this helps...

 not enough bottles... don't have the parts for that type of joule thief... built the robot...  building a hybrid gas/coal forge for my dads birthday/fathers day present....   soda machine, had trouble keeping it clean....  and building a full scale crossbow.... i need to make some money.... lol

People will buy knives, post instructables, include "these are for sale - check my profile / PM me if you're interested"?