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i want to build a "force lightning" glove. Answered

I would like to build a "force lightning" glove. Purely for show, no arcing over great distances, not looking to "throw" the lightning, just have it crackle around the hand and between the fingers. Any suggestions where to start would be greatly appreciated.


Just speculating (take with a serious grain of low-possibility NaCl),

but maybe you could use an ionocraft-style ring to direct ionized air in a specific direction. Then, you may be able to send an electrical arc along side the ionized air leaving the ionocraft. The arc would then discharge on objects near the ionized air/he arc itself?

Just speculating - don't take this seriously...

Look for kits that are "shock" devices or "high voltage" producers. When I was kid I bought a kit from a magazine that charged up the skin on your body enough to deliver a shock to whomever you touched. It runs off a 9V battery, is a basic voltage ladder circuit, and when the leads are shorted can produce arcs of about 1 to 2 cm.

Wow...company is still in bizness. Check these kits out;


Well, I'd start with a simple video animation overlay package, but that's me.

Not doing it for video, going more for the convention dress up scene. Just looking to be original.

The intended implication was that I don't think you're going to be able to build a real one that produces the effect you want. At most you might get sparks along the surface of the glove or between two fingers, and to do that you'll need something like a tesla coil to do it semi-safely.

And any convention will take one look at it, call it a potentially dangerous weapon, and demand that you peace-bond it (ie, remove power) except on the masquerade stage.

You can do this with an ignition coil.
Something like this except ignore the circuit and instead use something like this.

Use really thick gloves like winter snow gloves with two layers of rubber glove over the top because if you move your fingers apart to much It could arc through the glove and through your hand so make it very thick.

1. Build a Tesla coil
2. Lift weights until you are strong enough to hold it with one hand
3. Wear very thick gloves
4. Hope that the coil doesn't arc to your face and maim it
5. Have fun