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i want to buy machine to make small wood products at home, I'm wondering buy Circular saw or tablesaw . Thank all of you Answered



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A table saw is more precise and makes cleaner cuts. This is very important if your projects require joinery. You can also make dados with an optional dado set.
A portable circular saw is, well, portable but you are pretty much limited to making straight cuts and it is very imprecise and is generally used for rough cuts where variations of up to 1/8" is inconsequential.
Decide which you need, and buy a high quality tool.  Cheap tools render cheap results.

Dear all, First of all thanks a lot  for your idea, I also think about the quality, precise of details , it's easy for tablesaw to make wood products for home but I have a little budget, you know the price of circularsaw is cheaper than the tablesaw. After reading your suggestion:  I decide :  I will save money and borrow from friends more and then I will  buy tablesaw. Thanks again.

A good freind of mine who makes his livin' as a cabinet maker sez that he could get by without any of his other power tools ,  so long as he still had his routers and collection of bits

the cicular saw is uesed for bigger projects as for the tablesaw can make smaller cuts to get the tighter spaces and corners unlike the circlar saw for the way bigger cuts and corners i make duck decoys with the tablesaw  and it is way easer the the circular saw so there for i suggust the tablesaw. I hope that helps you out.

What Kind of small wood products?  Each type of saw has it's strong points and it's weaknesses.  There is no one saw fits all projects.

 For construction work, I find that I use my drop saw all the time.  It's like a circular saw that hinged at the back and allows you to make accurate complex angle cuts.

I agree with Slowpoke and Burf about the limitations of circular saws, but have a small hitachi circular saw that I use all the time, just not for joinery. 

I happen to like cheap tools, especially if I don't know how often I am going to use them.  I bought a cheap reciprocating saw (sawzall) to take out some doors and when it wore out, I had found so many uses for it that I replaced it with a good quality one.

Hope this helps.

Go for the tablesaw and if you can afford it, a bandsaw. The accuracy of cuts that you can do with either machine is great. Whilst a circular saw is far better suiting for rough cutting, say ripping a panel or cutting larger lumps of wood.
You can get table / cirular saw combo systems but they are not as accurate as a true tablesaw, but in having said that, the combo systems are now getting quite good.

Burf's reply really does explain the differences between the tools quite well.
And do heed the advice regarding cheap tools, also cheap tools whilst handy to have, they just don't help you do a great job as well as good tools do. Cheap tools can also take longer to set up.