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i want to design a good workinng portable n mini oscilloscope o/p display on Lcd,pls guide n fed me the data any1 hav? Answered

m doing my project for final year.
i want to make oscillscope which gives display on mini LCD.
on net  i come to know it has specification-25mhz, 250MSa/s.
using ADC & DAC pls co-ordinate me to get it done..



Best Answer 8 years ago

The motivation behind most final year (university?) projects is to demonstrate learning and self teaching. If you want to build an oscilloscope, ask yourself why, what exists already, what are your goals. There may be a product out there already, or the project might be too large for the time you have to complete it and if so, what can you do to demonstrate learning and take a step in the direction of completing the project.

And have you checked with your course director(s) that this is a suitable project? Since they're the ones that are marking you it would make sense to check with them if they think it's within the scope you were given.

Ahaha...  "within the scope you were given."

Nice one.

But seriously, a 25 MHz scope, built from scratch (no kits!  No taking other's schematics!)  that's calibrated and accurate will probably take many more hours than you're expecting.  However, I'm sure you will learn a lot from doing it!

Something like this?

I've seen several arduino based scopes but I didn't go find the links for them, just google 'diy oscilloscope"  there is even a very nice looking tube based one.

Even if they barely work they've go to be worth the price.

Haven't they just. What a lovely bit of integrated engineering.

For the record Re-design, they were pretty good for the price! And steve still has 2 unbuilt I think he's forgotten about.... should you want one.