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i want to develope a nano bot how can i start one?what will the simplest nano bot cost ? Answered


The easiest way to make a Vibro-bot very small is to basically strip the vibrator from an old cell phone or pager, stick some proper-voltage batteries to the side, attach a switch, and wire it together. You can place this setup onto anything you want as a main "Body". If you're planning on going any smaller or more complex, you should ask a specialty company to assist you.
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7 years ago

Well, first you need several million dollars, with which you will purchase equipment, materials, lab space, and university grad students' tuition. After several years of research and a handful of patents and prototypes (in this case, literally!) you might have something you can call a nanobot.

The smaller they are, the more difficult they are to build. Have a look at THIS tiddler. 
If you're new to building robots, I'd suggest you get familiar with the rudiments HERE with Frits' starter robot which will teach you the basics of control and sensing and is a great platform to develop your own ideas.
Once  you know what's involved you can start miniaturising.
I'm (slowly) working on a six-legged three servo walker - I've just got it navigating around and not walking into things at the moment, and also a robot which will keep your desk tidy - It will push any loose objects off the desk onto the floor.

Way out of you reach mate, (and mine). You need big and expensive stuff to play with things that small.


Realistically anything much smaller than about 1 cm cube isn't possible for most home builders. Start with something realistic then get smaller.