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i want to get into custom building remote control things, can someone explain where to start? Answered

I would like to make my own rc vehicles, but i just don't know where to start. i need a cheap transmitter, reciever and servos, but i know nothing past this. can someone give me links or explain what i need to get started?


I have a circuit from a R/C car and I've used it for my K'nex projects and such, but I want to make my OWN R/C projects too. So my idea is to simply copy the circuit because the parts on the circuit are common and can be found in Radio Shack and online. The circuit consists of: Transistors, resistors, both types of capacitors, and someting that is labeled '49M' which I think mean 49mhz, the channel of the car. The 49M thing looks like one of those 8-pin microcontroller or transistor array. There are some images below.

That's all for today! I will let you know if this works out for me or if I find out a different way to control things. :P

Picture 117.jpgPicture 118.jpgPicture 119.jpgPicture 120.jpgPicture 121.jpgPicture 122.jpg

I dont beleive servos are necessary, perhaps only a transmitter, reciever, a coil of wire, reed switch, and some motors. Contact me, and I might be able to give a diagram. Ill try my best... -RoAr

I also would also be interested in making RC cars... maybe we can do a collaboration instructable?

I would also like to do this. However, I KNOW NOTHING!

That reminds me of a math class, (Thanks Mr.B!) when my teacher actually got a student to say "I know nothing!" more than 3 times! Pm Me, I might be able to ive a schematic. -RoAr