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i want to make a combine metrocop costume can someone tell me how to do some of these parts for it? Answered

so i want to make this costume. but i want to use a foam to shape the mask and parts of the chest, then i also would apreiciate some advice on the stun stick.  be sure to check the pics


I ve made one and its on instructables on my account!

If you want to save some effort, the mask is actually based on an existing mask. http://www.sovietarmystuff.com/detail.php?product_id=149

for the stun stick CombineOverwatch look at his acount thing there for asstince goood luck

ADD EL wire on the outside of eyes look on the web for coustme parts on the web pants simple green sweatpants with white fabric glued on also buy some leather gloves at the sore stuff the ends with cooton look at the link for the mask and fill it so it loooks full paint a pice of fabric print out a picture of the arm band and just stencil it on fabric and go to army navy store for booots and just use a caculater and panit it black add a green tint the shirt be easy to make the top out of fabric then add cooton or foam for the look paint on c77 on the back with paint