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i want to make a thermoelectric generator but im confused in building material and construction Answered

thermoeletric generator like a furnace outside of which a generator is installed but i could not find the right element which sense even the small amount of heat. 
suggest something about that.

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Hinesdarrel (author)2014-02-13

You can use some sort of sensor or a special material which changes its color when high amount of heat falls on it.By this way you can find the amount of heat.


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jitin bakshi (author)2013-08-27

im exactly finding the solution of my problem as i discussed earlier

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rickharris (author)2013-08-24

I am equally confused as to exactly what your trying to do.

The product you need is peltier unit


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jitin bakshi (author)rickharris2013-08-26

i want to make a generator which converts a heat energy into electric energy.
a device
consider a furnace which generate a heat and to use this as a source for production of electricity.
to absorb this heat cover the furnace with this thermoeletric material. i want to make this.
help me

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Jack A Lopez (author)2013-08-24

The usual recipe for a thermoelectric generator is a whole bunch of thermocouples
arranged in series, and another word, maybe the old word for it, is "thermopile".

Using a Google(tm) image search on those two words,
is instructive.  I mean I could just tell you, in words, that a thermopile is arranged so the junctions alternate, forming this sort of zig-zag path between the hot source and the cold source, but it is instructive to actually see that, in pictures.

Also some good stuff might come up, like that guy who built a thermopile entirely out of copper wire (actually junctions of copper and copper oxide), here:

I mean that would be useful if you were trying to build sort of a homemade thermopile (aka thermoelectric generator) from easy to find materials.

As other answerers have pointed out, there exist factory made thermopiles (aka thermoelectric generator, aka Peltier device) in module form, and something like that might be what you want.  I mean if you want what they call "state of the art", i.e. something that works, as well as anyone so far has figured out to make it work, typically this means you have to get the mass produced, factory made, module.

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