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i want to start changing a simple RC Car to wireless car that controlled by PC? Answered

hey !
i want to start a project of creating a rc car that works with pc, i have a good background of programming, and also i have background of game development and basics of logic 
as im new to these kinda projects, i want to change a car that works with simple rc car remote controller to a car that i can wireless'ly be controlled from a pc on wifi connection :)
so i'll be thankful for any advises and where and how to start doing my project :)

kind regards


thanks for the answer, its amazing to use C#! i was wondering does this chip has more power than the Arduino?

Of course yes. There are thousands of MCU chips more powerful than Arduino out there & everyday more & more adding to this list but people refrain from using them as they are more complex & are having higher learning curve.

amazing! i think i'll try it! but first i'll read some stuffs in their website :)
thanks for advice

Ya ! Do it. You will enjoy the experience !

Find a circuit that will allow you to "push the buttons" on the car remote from the PC. An Arduino and its USB interface seems like the way to do it to me .

thanks man, so i should use Arduino, its a open source circuit right?
is it programmable? and can u give me some more info, i'll be so thankful :)