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i want to upgrade my compaq laptop from vista to xp? Answered



Upgrade? Vista wroks flawlessly for me. I have three laptops and two desktops for my business. Try using the vista help and the "intro" type stuff to familiarize yourself with Vista. Its simply a new tool. Learn how to use it and it will do your bidding. If you go to XP you might as well take your RAM to 1gig or less, downgrade the soundcard and use an old version of MS Ofiice and your should be right where we were six years ago. Dont forget to get a 15" CRT TOO. Or just wait for '7' its is suppossed to address some of the complaints of disheartened Vista users.

Not a "fanboy", but I depend on my computers to make a living. Everyone I work with uses Vista. Vista works. Mac may be much better but why switch? I have used every version since 2.11 and Vista accomplishes every thing I need it too. Why downgrade? I havent found a Vista problen that cant be resolved by a little knowledge and understanding. Just because I use a new improved hammer on a nail instead of an old one doesnt make me a "hammer fanboy" !!!!!! I do find Linux intriging though !?!

using vista does not make you a fanboy saying that its better than xp / linux does not make you either writing the longest reply possible (besides mine) without answering the actual quesion (and only advocating vista instead) does but c'mon. take it with aero and not with plasma

boot the xp cdrom and start install go to partition hard drive vista drive c:\ (the one we want to overwrite) is the 1st large (20 G +) partition drive d:\ etc you dont have to delete. if they exist then they are after drive c:\ if there is smaller few G partition before c:\ its probably the vista recovery partition. delete it to use the space. delete then the actual c:\ too and make new partition that takes all the free space instead i'd suggest trying out linux. it fits in few G and can be installed along with xp


9 years ago

Boot laptop from WinXP installation disk, delete all partions and create new partion(s), format and install.