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i want to watch my cable tv on two tv in different rooms without using two cable boxes, how do i do so? Answered

I have a cable box connected to one tv I want it connected wireless to another in another room


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Phil30 (author)2012-04-18

Sorry for posting here as well, just want more of you to check this out

an online software that allows access to about 3000 satellite TV channels and cable TV (I have no time yet to see them all), tuned channels have very good signal.

If anyone is interested


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Gr3at_Whit3_North_Guy (author)2011-09-02

get a two way splitter one way in two ways out there is only one disadvantage what you see on one screen is what you see on the other

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fwjs28 (author)2009-04-02

the only thing i know of is to splice the cable going out of the box....and then run that to the two tv's....however, both will be watcing the same channel...

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cyprusrom (author)2009-04-02

You could use a Wireless Audio/Video AV Transmitter & Receiver Kit.


Some work on 2.4 Ghz, so will interfere with your WiFi internet.Some are digital, some are analog.
However, I think you can only watch the same channel at the same time on both TVs.

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