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iMac to Toshiba HDTV wireless problem. Answered

How do I manage to get Netflix, Hulu, etc from my iMac to my Toshiba HDTV wirelessly. I have a Trendent TEW-647GA adapter which brings my wifi signal to where my TV is sitting. But it doesn't have a connection so as to enable me to hook it to the TV.? The adapter would have been very useful if it had a HDMI connection capability but it doesn't.

I am using ATT's 2 Wire modem which is connected to my computer with Ethernet and it also is a wireless modem.

I am a newbie at this so any help at all is very much appreciated.



Best Answer 8 years ago

Yes the Roku HD XR box looks like exactly the box you're after. But shop around a bit to be sure that's your best buy. Ork' explains the situation very well.


 I have shopped around for Roku and alternative products. It seems that Roku is the least expensive and also the best known. the price seems to be the same wherever I find it referenced. There are other boxes out there and they usually cost more but not sure about them...

Thanx to you both.

I get Netflix and Hulu through my PS3, which is connected to my wireless router. If you happen to have a PS3 already you've got all the hardware you need. You can also get Netflix via Wii, but I don't know about Hulu.

 Thanks but I don't own any of those type items. I am the only guy(74) in this house.

I figured it was an off-chance, but worth mentioning just in case. Good luck.

Your HDTV expects a digital TV signal, not an Internet data connection. You need a computer, either in the TV set (which is a feature in a few of the newer sets) or outside and connected to the set, which can deal with the Internet and render the video onto its own graphic hardware, the output of which can then be displayed on the HDTV via HDMI (possibly through a DVI to HDMI adapter, possibly through an analog "VGA-style" connection, depending on what the computer can provide).

I have an older PC dedicated to my home entertainment system. That may be the simplest solution, if you can find a suitable machine cheap or free.

 If I understand you correctly maybe the least expensive way to accomplish this is with the  Roku HD XR box, right?